Welcome to my digital archive and portfolio

You can call me Morrowheart, and I will be your guide through this website, built as a totem of the very human need to leave a mark on others, perhaps in history as well.

As we enter the Library, you will notice it consists of a lot of words. Most of these have been, and will be, categorised into two sections - Articles and Literature.

The section to your left is the Articles one. Feel free to rummage through it and scoff or smile at every essay and comment. To your right is the Literature section, which will consist of short stories about existential dread and similar run-of-the-mill themes that writers often consider family at a certain point. All the words, in both sections, are written by yours truly.

The Museum is a page dedicated to my tinkering and edits of classical paintings. Consider it a modern shrine for artists long lost to time. Feel free to right-click and save any rendition which you might fancy, perhaps even include credit if you decide to re-post it elsewhere. It is up to you to hold yourself to your own standards, principles and morals, as I am a mere guide, not the integrity police.

At the very end of our journey, make sure to hop in About page to round it all up. Advertising myself is not my strength, so please spare me the embarrassment.

Once you decide to invest a little bit of time in checking my website, and we both know thoughts of another human being can be irresistible, make sure you enter wielding a hot cup of tea or coffee. It is necessary, for your own protection.

Click around, nod in agreement, wonder how long until your dinner is ready, but it is of utmost importance to me that you enjoy your stay.