About Me

A dark fiction writer, academically a journalist. An awkward daughter of a self-proclaimed witch, who was taken far too early.

Since an early age, death and disease were no strangers, which is the probable reason of choosing both of these professions, as it is required of me to die in order to become famous in either.

Curious mind and an absolute knowledge sponge, even while knocking on the dreaded door with a big '30' on it, but only when it comes to topics of great personal interest. Luckily, that field happens to be very broad.

Coffee, broccoli and dogs are essential. Always in pursuit of becoming better at things I already consider myself to be good at. A failed artist, because drawing hands is hard, now a photographer with a decent eye and a good grasp at editing visuals. Was it really a failure if I've learned a lot?

This site will not have any comment boxes, but I do encourage you to send me your thoughts.

Twitter @Morrowheart